16 Signs That You’re Here to Transform Human Consciousness – Don’t Ignore Them!

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YES, many people around the world are talking about “The Shift,”! The “Shift” – this mysterious transformation of human consciousness that is supposedly underway. Ever since the end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2012, many people are also talking about the evolution of the species, the revolution of love, and other hopeful but fuzzy seeming changes in what it means to be human. 

Can I ask you something? Just take a minute and see if any of this sounds familiar:

  • First question – do you have a vision of some aspect of a more beautiful world, and you know it’s your sacred purpose to help bring it into being?
  • Second question – (sometimes) do you sense that something is out of alignment in the world, and you want to be a part of the solution?
  • Third question – have you experienced a life-altering event that changed everything for you, and now you want to use that experience to help others?
  • And one last thing – do you have an innovative idea that might make the world a better place; do you feel called to help others heal, transform, connect, love, create, succeed, and thrive?

If you answer yes to the questions above, you are “one of us”! And, now you probably ask yourself – who is us, right? Well, we can answer that question for you – you are ONE of those whose souls incarnated here on this planet right now to facilitate this mystical shift in human consciousness.

So, please, can you do me a quick favor and see if any of these team traits resonate with who you are and how you feel:

  1. You have a sense of having a specific mission or purpose involving a major transformation in human experience, but being unable to articulate what this change might be.
  2. You also have that strong sense that the mission, whatever it is, is getting closer in time.
  3. A compulsion to master certain fields, skills, or professions, not only for career advancement but in preparation for this half-understood personal mission.
  4. You experience high levels of empathy; a sense of feeling what others feel.
  5. You have that “strong” desire to lessen or prevent suffering for humans, animals, or even plants.
  6. Loneliness stemming from a sense of difference, despite generally high levels of social activity. One woman summed up this feeling perfectly when she said, “Everybody likes me, but nobody’s like me.
  7. High levels of creativity; passion for music, poetry, performance, or visual arts.
  8. You adore animals! Yes, you have that intense love of animals, sometimes a desire to communicate with them.
  9. Difficult early life, often with a history of abuse or childhood trauma.
  10. You are connected to certain types of natural environment, such as the ocean, mountains, or forest.
  11. Resistance to orthodox religiosity, paradoxically accompanied by a strong sense of either spiritual purpose or spiritual yearning.
  12. Love of plants and gardening, to the point of feeling empty or depressed without the chance to be among green things and/or help them grow.
  13. You “suffer” from very high emotional sensitivity, often leading to predilections for anxiety, addictions, or eating disorders.
  14. You’re also connected with different cultures, languages, or geographic regions.
  15. Disability, often brain-centered (dyslexia, retardation, autism) in oneself or a loved one. Fascination with people who have intellectual disabilities or mental illness.
  16. Apparently gregarious personality contrasting with a deep need for periods of solitude; a sense of being drained by social contact and withdrawing to “power up” again.

So, if you read this list and thinking “Yes, Yes, That’s me” – then you’re definitely one of us visionary healer mender way-finders on The Team. And the world needs you to fulfill your sacred purpose — ASAP!

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