13 Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship – Don’t Ignore Them!

Do you know what are twin flames? Twin flames are the embodiment of a singular soul – our twin flame is the remaining code to our own flame. Our twin flame is always close by – and, through conditioning of mind and spirit you can learn to communicate with your twin flame telepathically as well. Each of has only one twin flame and we share the same soul – at some point in time our souls split and went our own ways. These full halves of one grand soul then spent time apart from each other and gained experiences and lives over and over again without ever having met their twin flame again. But, don’t get us wrong – it doesn’t have to mean that you have to meet your twin flame in this specific life time. You can separate through the incarnation process and live your lives separately from one another. And yes, there is no set time or moment when twin flames are supposed to meet up again! This can happen by chance – but it will happen. And, remember – this doesn’t mean that these flames can’t experience other relationships with other people – in fact it is important that they do so they can learn from a multitude of valuable experiences.

But, twin flames are meant to be together and nothing can change that! Through reincarnation and getting past the struggles of human experience they will once again reunite whenever chance allows it. It’s important to know the signs of who your twin flame is and we’re going to jump right into what they potentially are!

You can’t help but notice you’ve met him/her somewhere before

Yes, you have that feeling that you know him/her from somewhere before. This feeling of longing and nostalgia can be overwhelming to the point you may consider it to be déjà vu. It’s important to let these emotions manifest and simmer into something strong, which will undoubtedly happen if you’ve found your flame.

Sometimes, you feel like they are the answer to your problems

When you meet her/him, your life becomes more cheerful, passionate and energetic.

You connect with them unlike with anyone else

Yes, you connect with him/her at every possible level and that connection is what leads to a brighter passion.

You learn more about yourself

Your twin flame will help you to unveil aspects about yourself that you haven’t yet realized. Together you are meant to unlock each other’s potential in a way that wouldn’t be possible had you not been together.

Your relationship is on multiple levels

Well yes, and this means that your twin flame will not only be your lover, but your guide, your mentor, your care giver and many other things. This phenomenon occurs because twin flames are involved in more than just passion and desire.

No one needs to change

You won’t have this conversation, like in every other relationship: “You need to change. NO, you need to change”. And remember – this sign is crucial to understand the fact that your twin flame doesn’t seek to change who you are. They would accept you for your faults and your strength. They would motivate you to be true to your identity and let you know if you are diverting from it.

You begin learning new and relevant things

How this works – well, if you feel like your experiencing feelings you never have been while in the presence of your special someone – it’s more than likely that that person is your twin flame.

You feel like you have a purpose to fulfill

Your twin flame will walk with you on your destined path. Both of you are meant to fulfill your destinies but in unison of each other. Things that seemed to be confusing now begin making more and life becomes easier to grasp at. Meeting your twin flame will ensure that together you will walk down the path you both were meant to.

You’re unique magnets to each other

Don’t ignore this signs – if you have been in an on and off relationship for quite some time now, that is most likely because that person is your twin flame. You just can’t stay away from your flame because you’re unique magnets to each other and they can’t stay away from you. That is the driving force and reason behind you getting back together so many times.

Reconciling can be easy but there’s always something to learn

And, you should also know that even twin flames disagree about certain things – the difference is that both of you will spend more time learning from these experiences rather than quarreling. If you find yourself having lots of constructive dialogue with your significant other that is a great sign that they are your flame.

ou complete each other, and not in the cliché way

If you have a brooding and mellow type personality, your flame will have a cheerful and energetic type one. This helps in flames realizing their own short comings, and having someone to fulfill your gaps for you is amazing.

You’re together, but you’re also free

You’ll find many couples complaining that they feel locked and caged. This would not be the case with twin flames, even though they are bound to each other – they are also free. That is because they have a level of understanding between themselves that only they understand.

You feel like you’ve reached home

When together twin flames make each other feel at home and more importantly, comfortable in their own skin. However this is achieved through dedication and devotion to understanding each other at a higher level then what they experienced in past relationships.

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