6 Problems ONLY Old Souls Will Understand

Ladies and gentlemen, before we start with this article I would like to ask you a simple question – are you an old soul? Being an old soul refers to how you view and approach life. Well yes, and your views echo those of someone much older than you, who has lived a long and fruitful life. You approach life with a greater sense of knowledge and wisdom coupled with a greater sense of inner wealth. Old souls are people who are just different in heart, mind and soul. These differences have led to some universal problems that each old soul can relate to. Old Souls are special kind of persons who find themselves different, isolated, and alone since birth not because of their attitude, habits, or temperament, but rather because they are simply… old — in mind, in heart, and in soul. Or, in one word – they are different (a difference for which the world has never become accustomed to). But, unfortunately, old souls experience one or more of the following problems in life:

Old Souls Are Often Misunderstood

Well yes, and unfortunately, old souls are often looked as strange people because of their lack of interest in worldly possessions, their unconventional ideas, and their standards of living. In a world where wealth, authority, power, and income are a measure of personal respect and self-esteem; and where communities, relations, and sense of belonging and purpose are created by ones ambition, old soul’s evident separation from the “real world” is uncanny. Unfortunately, we all live in an age where everyone accepts wearing masks in society and try their best to uphold their image, the “different” set of expectations that old souls demonstrate through their character, day-to-day lives, and how they treat people, often raise red flags. All of this creates a gulf, making it hard for them to truly communicate with others, often resulting in them being left misunderstood.

Their Intuitive Decisions Are Considered Illogical 

First of all, you should know that old souls understand the inherent power of intuition, accepting it as a language of their inner self, and hence rely on this gut instinct to make personal and professional decisions. Their continued use often sharpens their intuition to the point that they are often found relying on intuition to make “informed” decisions. And, when old souls rely on their intuition to make a decision, people often find the “logic” behind it unreasonable.

People Can’t “Stand” Their Forgiving And Easygoing Nature

These people always look at life philosophically, often pondering the circumstances that different people from different backgrounds, cultures, locations, and religions may have experienced; their limiting biases and beliefs and perspectives, and more. And, they also gain a deeper sense of empathy for people around them — allowing them to be forgiving to misconducts and misbehavior with ease. They take life non-linearly, with good days and bad days ebbing and flowing through it. Old souls realize the interconnectedness of life, and hence take it one moment at a time. Their easy going nature and their ability to be forgiving towards others and towards themselves allows them to see each obstacle in life as an opportunity to learn. In a world where failure is stigmatized as an “end of most things”, the ability of old souls to accept it so easily is nothing less than mind-boggling. It often creates a perception that they were nor serious enough about it in the first place.

They are Often Seen as Social Outcasts 

Well, the good thing is that old souls believe in developing and nurturing meaningful, impactful, and lasting relationships in all facets of their lives. And, they strive to spend their energies building a few close relations rather than a platoon of acquaintances they hardly know. Consequently, they loathe being pressurized to socialize more, and hence come to be seen as loners or social outcasts.

Old Souls Yearn for Solitude

They are always comfortable with their selves, often seeking solitude for themselves. They draw their energy from within themselves, and so self-reflection and isolation recharge them.

People Gravitate Towards Them, but They Find It Hard To Disengage

Unfortunately, people get drawn towards old souls – it’s probably because of their serene personalities, their heightened sensitivity and consequent (uncontrolled) empathic reactions that etch gentleness across their features, or it’s their aura. But, know this – old souls often find themselves on the listening end of people who may be complete strangers, unable to disengage from the conversation or stop themselves from being sensitive, empathic, and expressive towards the other person.

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