14 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms You Really SHOULDN’T Ignore

Before we start with this article and show you the 14 kundalini awakening symptoms, I would like to ask you a simple question – do you know what are the kundalini awakening symptoms? First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that Kundalini comes from the sanskrit word meaning coiled snake. And yes, Kundalini is not recognized by any medical science and often not understood by many experts around the world, including yoga and meditative teachers. Kundalini is heavily mentioned in yoga and tantra.

This is very important for you to know – the Kundalini energy lives hidden inside all of us and starts at the base of the spine. Most often the kundalini energy coils and spirals up your spine, activating all your chakras, this is called the kundalini awakening. And, one more thing – unfortunately, it’s very easy to confuse the symptoms of neurological or biological condition with kundalini awakening symptoms. 

14 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms You can Recognize:

  1. This is very important for you to know – you understand that your body has been awakened by kundalini when you experience something otherworldly. Yes, you could experience divine/cosmic visions, a blissful taste, smells you never smelled before or hearing sounds you never heard before, you’re not crazy.
  2. Your body hairs lift or when you feel senses in your root chakra.
  3. Don’t ignore this symptom – your breath stops without requiring any efforts.
  4. You feel amazing when you sense currents of energy rising up within your body.
  5. When you feel the bliss – the mantra Aum chant comes to you naturally.
  6. You can also get blank mind – without any ideas.
  7. Your eyes naturally focus in the third eye chakra – while you meditate.
  8. You can also get “jerks” that feel like electricity shocks and when you sense vibrations of energy in various areas of the body.
  9. During meditation, your body feels weightless until you don’t feel it at all.
  10. You can’t open your eyes after meditation. Yes, it feels very pleasant to meditate.
  11. Whenever you feel electric current going up and down your body.
  12. You get divine guidance and insight as a result of meditation.
  13. When Gaia and nature reveals to you her secret, all your doubts disappear.
  14. You’ll realize the significance of spiritual texts.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t ignore these kundalini awakening symptoms and make sure you click the share button at the end of the article. Thank you and have a good day! 

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