Twin Flame, Soulmate or Karmic Relationship – Which One is Yours?

We all want to be part of that “fairy tale” type of love story. Yes, we all want to experience this, but – as we are evolving, so are our romantic relationships. And, unfortunately, we are no longer satisfied by those “relationships” that are convenient or that seem to fulfill specific ideals that our families or society have taught us we should aspire to. As we said, we are looking for that special type of love. But, the question remains – what really separates twin flames from soulmates and karmic relationships? 

Well, first of all, you should know that none of these relationships isn’t better than the other. Yes, it all depends on what lifetime we are in, here on earth, and what lessons we currently are in the process of learning. The bad thing is that we may experience none of these relationships in a lifetime, and in others we may experience all three. The reality is that we often don’t truly realize which type of relationship we had until long after it’s passed and the lessons have been absorbed.

Karmic relationship

Karmic relationship is one of the first relationships we usually experience. This type of relationship is also a lesson that we were unable to learn in a previous lifetime. Why – because these people aren’t meant to take it easy on us, because they are meant to change our way of life. The worst thing about these relationships is that it seems no matter how many tries we give it – it just doesn’t seem to work. But, this is mostly because these relationships aren’t supposed to work out. Yes, we aren’t supposed to live our life with our karmic partner. And yes, we all know that this is really hard to accept, because it’s usually not an issue of love, or even about compatibility. Sometimes – it just doesn’t work (no matter how much we wish it did—but the worst decision we can make is to choose to not let go). These relationships are bad and almost intoxicating at times. But, the who idea of karmic relationships is that these relationships come into our lives, change us—and then leave. 

Many people around the world, who married and divorced young, have married their karmic relationship (instead of letting them go when the time came). The most important lesson for us is that we just have to be strong enough to let them move on when the time comes, because no matter what type of relationship we are in, we shouldn’t have to chain ourselves to it in order to not lose it. And, one last thing – some of us may experience several karmic relationships in our lifetime, the next stage after we conquer those lessons is often the soulmate love.

Soulmates relationship:

Sometimes, this type of relationship can be just the best kind of love. Yes, these types of relationships can be simple and sweet. What are soulmates? We can answer that question for  you – soulmates are those we marry and choose to build a life with, because there is just a unique connection present. We feel awesome with these people in our lives, and they just seem to touch us on an entirely different level. But, unfortunately, soulmates don’t always take it easy on us. One of the reasons that we get so confused by which type of relationship we are in, is because in all of these connections, challenges will be present. The main difference between karmic and soulmate relationship is the type of lesson being learned and the way in which it is presented. Well yes, and as we said – karmic relationships are often about how we view the outside world and others. And, the soulmate will trigger those internal lessons involving self-worth, fear, societal pressures and our worthiness of love. We feel undeniable connection with our soulmates (just like we know one another before simply upon meeting). These are the 2 biggest indicators of soulmate relationship:

  • They make us feel like it’s us that needs working on.
  • We have that feeling of not deserving the other person.

And, one last thing –  soulmates are also the ones who care about us the most, while in the karmic relationship, their only concern is of their own self and needs.

Twin Flame Relationship:

The soulmate relationship can be a beautiful experience, but it isn’t anything compared to the experience of being reconnected with our twin flame. This type of relationship is usually compared as an urban myth of the spiritually enlightened, but as society is raising their level of consciousness, the more this connection is occurring. Yes, and they are a mix of both karmic and soulmate tendencies (together with new qualities which will only further challenge our ego and sense of self). And, don’t get us wrong – twin flames aren’t just those that we connect with on a soul level, but they are someone we share the same soul with.

According to the theory – twin flames were separated from one soul source in the beginning of time and split into two physical bodies. And, when you come in contact with your twin flame, you suddenly have that feeling like everything that you’ve spent your lives running from or denying is suddenly in front of you. And these relationships aren’t just about what’s inside, they’re about how we interact with every facet of our life. And remember – there will be challenges and fears present, there will be phases of running and chasing, depending upon the spiritual and personal development of both individuals. But, regardless of these challenges, you will reunite and stay with your twin flame. And, one last thing – this type of relationship usually occurs in one’s last lifetime here on earth.

Bottom Line:

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a karmic, soulmate or twin flame relationship. You’ll still experience obstacles and challenges that have the potential to assist us in our growth and evolution. And, the most important thing for you to remember is that if someone is trying to move on – just let them go. It doesn’t matter if they’re a karmic relationship (whose only purpose is to come into our lives to be the catalyst of change), or if they are the soulmate whose here to challenge us to lovingly become the best person we can, or if they simply are our other half—there is no love that we will have to beg for or hold onto tightly to, out of fear of losing it. As we said, it doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is, you should remember that if we do love someone, the only thing we can do is set them free, knowing that if it is meant to be—they will return. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank You and have a good one.

References – Originally written by Sofia Siberia | Source | img.src