How to Shift Into The 5th Dimensional Earth – 7 Facts You Must Know

Ladies and gentlemen, can you feel it? YES, we are most definitely moving to an amazing era of Fifth Dimensional Earth which is LOADED with extreme heavenly bliss. But, this is very important for you to know – it is all up to us to allow the flow of energy from the creator to manifest literally anything into our experience. And, since our creator made ourselves in his image, we have a free will to create anything that we want in our reality. The bad thing is that most of the humanity is in power and control from government and corporations. But, the good thing is that a lot of us are waking up and we are enlightening others about their lost powers.

We all need to be more spiritual and understand and practice it, because no one can force anyone to believe in spiritual stuff. And, one more thing – with changing vibrations you won’t be able to survive in the negative influence and will very soon know who you are. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to enter into the fifth dimensional Earth, it’s important for you to be happy and motivated all the time. Let the feelings be your guide and you must understand the following 7 facts:

Everything can be transformed.

Yes, this means that nothing is permanent. You must understand that everything you see and feel is made of energy and energy, and it can be transformed into different matter. And yes, everything around us has some consciousness. The main reason why you are here on Earth is to experience and expand your consciousness as everything possible has already been done.

Live your life NOW.

Yes, you must understand that your past, future and present is happening right now, at the very same moment. And remember – there’s no concept of time in spiritual world. That’s what fifth dimensions and higher are all about.

Don’t set goals.

Yes, you shouldn’t set goals, because by setting goals you are trapping yourself in the future which you haven’t manifested yet and struggle to achieve those goals. The problem here is that most of us set goals which are very small and feel happy about manifesting them. So, iI you are setting goals like: paying bills, go to supermarket – then probably you should know how to order from the universe. However it is always good if you maintain a journal writing down how you feel each day and what made you feel like that.

You can achieve anything. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Everything is possible, if you believe in it. We live in parallel universes and create our own universe by experiencing things from those parallel universes. By having a desire and feeling good about having it you are shifting your universe. And, one more thing – you should have more faith in yourself, it’d be much easier to manifest or experience anything.

Think big and have faith.

Do you know how the Law of Attraction works? We can answer that question for you – the Law of Attraction says “like attracts like”, which means that when people think big and have faith, universe will match the exact vibration. More you allow, more you’ll manifest. Manifestations in 5D Earth are instant and there’s no concept of Time.

Always do things you love.

Why – well, that’s easy to answer. By doing things you love, you are allowing Universe to shift itself and give you more and more experience of things and events that you would love.

We are ONE.

Just remember – everything is consciousness. Yes, the air you breathe or the mountains that you see are made by some spiritual beings. All of us on planet Earth are given free will which is not so with most of the planets. But, unfortunately, there’s lot of judgement and differences that we create in our mind and don’t exercise our Free Will properly. YES, the real and ugly truth is that we’re living in the world full of discrimination.  And, one last thing – the 5th Dimensional Earth is all about enlightened society of people where there is no discrimination and your manifestations are instant. Also know that as humans we are eternal beings and don’t die. Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and family. Thanks again and have a good one.

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