7 Signs From The Universe – Don’t Ignore Them!


Have you ever been thinking about someone and then randomly bumped into them or received a call from them?

Have you ever thought about going somewhere or doing something and then had it all fall into place a little too easily?

Synchronicity is the Divine’s way of saying that you are on the right track and heading in the right direction. Synchronicity is also a sign that you are connected to the potential of the Universe and are vibrating at a high frequency.

Whenever synchronistic things line up in your life, know that most of the time this is the Universe’s way of saying Yes!


If you are connected to your environment you may of noticed the presence of a particular animal in your life as a messenger.

I for one, have always been terrified of spiders but through my spiritual journey I have come to understand that they always seem to have a special message for me.

Some common animal symbols include seeing a black crow as a bad omen, a flock of birds as a sign of travel, a butterfly as a sign from a loved one who has crossed over and seeing a snake as a sign of transformation and sexuality.

When it comes to animals, the symbolism and message can really change depending on your individual connection or feeling towards the animal. Follow your intuition on this one or perhaps discover what your Spirit Animal is.

The Planets and Stars

The location of the planets can tell you so much about the energy surrounding the Universe. For example, a Full Moon is a time of completion and fruition, whereas a New Moon is a sign of new beginnings and potential.

Similarly, the location of the Sun can tell us a lot about how to use our energy. In the most simple sense -we should be up and active in the day time and we should rest and relax in the night time.

For years people have looked to the stars and planets for guidance and using Astrology can help you tap into the energy and potential surrounding you. It can also provide clues on how to use your strengths and weakness and when to take action.

Ringing in the Ears 

Have you ever heard a high pitch ringing in your ears?

Ruling out any medical conditions, a high pitched ring in the ears is commonly associated with messages from the Divine. This is usually a sign that a spirit or angel is around and wants to communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to your thoughts, words and feelings while the ringing is occurring to see if you can tune into the message.


Another powerful way that the Universe can communicate with us is through our dreams.

The interpretation of dreams is usually very symbolic and unique to the individual but try to focus more on how the dream made you feel to determine what the message might be. Often, dreams are clues as to what is going on in the subconscious mind and can sometimes bring up fears.

Seeing a loved one who has crossed over in a dream is also a sign that they are looking out for you and are perhaps trying to make contact with you.

Dreams can also be prophetic and indicate of events to come. If you are interested in discovering more about the messages in your dreams, I recommended keeping a dream journal.

Out of the Ordinary Experiences

Sometimes, an event comes along that seems to turn our whole world upside down.

Radical events, especially life changing ones are definitely the Universe’s way of saying that something needs to change or shift. While it may seem chaotic around you, try to tune into the bigger picture and stay present in the moment of your experiences.

Chances are, at the end of the tunnel you will see the light and everything will come together perfectly.

Repeated Numbers

Seeing 11:11 on the clock all the time? Or noticing particular number patterns everywhere you go?

This is often a sign from the Divine and that they have a special message for you.